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5 Holiday Special Ideas to Boost Sales and Delight Your Clients

The holiday season is the perfect time to not only spread cheer but also boost your hairstyling business. Your clients are in search of that perfect look for their festive gatherings and celebrations, and you have the opportunity to make their season even brighter. Here are five-holiday special ideas that will not only increase your sales but also create an unforgettable experience for your clients.


  1. Festive Hairstyles: Offer holiday-themed hairstyles; think glittery updos and elegant curls. Add a touch of sparkle or a seasonal accessory to complete the look. Your clients will appreciate your creativity and dedication to making their holiday season special.
  2. Pre-made Product Gift Sets: Create exclusive holiday product bundles. Bundle a high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling product, or perhaps a set of hair care tools. Offer these bundles at a special holiday price and have a gift back displayed behind it as a freebie with each purchase. It's a great way to boost retail sales while providing your clients with ready-to-grab gift sets!
  3. Gift Cards with a Twist: Encourage gift card purchases by adding a twist. Offer a bonus gift card for a smaller amount with the purchase of a larger one. It's a win-win, as clients can gift one while keeping a little something for themselves.
  4. Seasonal Treats: Create holiday-themed snacks and beverages that make the holidays come to life. Whether you serve hot Apple Cider through November with Pumpkin muffins or delicious Egg Nog with Peppermint Bark through December, this will elevate the salon client experience and give them something to look forward to each year!
  5. “Deck the Halls”: Go all out and decorate the salon to change things up and set the tone! From hair-themed Christmas trees to on-brand Holiday decor. It’s a fun conversation starter and might inspire the client to shop your sales.


Remember, the holidays are all about making your clients feel special. These ideas not only increase sales but also enhance the client experience, leaving your clients looking and feeling fabulous throughout the season. Happy holidays and happy styling!


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