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I am passionate about being present for life’s most meaningful moments all while running a profitable business

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Hi Friend!

I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Mandy, and if you are here, then you are likely a hard-working, lead-with-your-heart kind of girl!

Maybe you're also like me - a Wife, Momma, Hairstylist, Speaker/Educator & Entrepreneur at heart, balancing all the things!

I love coffee more than I should, so if there's a front porch, a fresh cup & good conversation, I'm there and you're always invited!

Things I don't tell everyone...

Business Education

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Nowadays, being a hairstylist is so much more than doing hair. We have to build our business, be photographers, videographers, and copywriters! From marketing on Social, working the budget, building a clientele, setting boundaries, and not running our bodies into the ground, it can be ALOT.

I'm here to tell you, after nearly 2 decades and doing all of the above, I am passionate about teaching stylists to build the business of their dreams and live a PRESENT & IMPACTFUL life, spending time with the people they love.

I want you to have the freedom and flexibility in your schedule to have the time to make the memories you're working so hard for.

The overwhelm is real...


"I wish I knew then what I know now"

Have you ever tried to make a fave family dish but couldn't find your Grandma's recipe, you know, the tried-&-true, step-by-step process that produced delicious results? Well, I'm not officially calling myself a Grandma but I do have some great recipes for your beauty business that I think you might love!

Let's start cooking!

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Partnering with you, inspiring you, and encouraging you to step into your calling, regardless of the challenges you face, is my greatest JOY! Perseverance and resilience is my specialty and teaching you to do that in your personal and professional life is a deep passion of mine. If you or your team need a kick in the ... I mean inspirational, motivational tools in your toolbelt, I'm your girl!

Let's do this!

Faith Based Beauty Business

Get my free guide and start aligning business strategy to your values.

What people are saying about this guide...

“This will be a blessing for many people that read it and an eye-opener for those times when we feel like we’re not doing the right thing (just because we’re doing things differently) or maybe when we want to succumb to what everyone says this is a reminder that you’re on the right track.”

“As a Christian I always want to incorporate my faith into what I do and sometimes I just wonder if I’m doing things right, what could I do to serve in a better way and I feel this is an eye-opener for those areas I might need to improve and to include my faith more, also just have to say that I feel proud just to see all the things that you do, I can tell you really put your heart into this and it shows.”

“Mandy, I really love this! I feel this industry needs this so much, like you said in #4 not to be afraid to do things differently and with this is like doing everything from God's perspective and I’m here for it!”


I talk about business, family, spirituality, and how to balance them all!

How One Decision Could Change Your Forever

Sep 04, 2023

Stop Looking for a way out, and look for a way forward

Aug 20, 2023

“I am so grateful for all the wisdom and time she has poured into me, and this last year since having my son, I went from a thriving business to one that was just trying to survive motherhood and balancing a business and what that looked like…I’ve really just been craving clarity and stability and just haven’t had the tools to get there…and even just the two calls with coaching, I feel like I’m better equipped to do motherhood and business well, and how to balance the two, If you are like me where you feel like you need clarity, stability, you just need someone to come alongside of you to help you with your business, I heavily heavily recommend bringing Mandy on to be your cheerleader. She has been just an amazing asset, I leave each coaching call with tears of joy and feeling seen. I feel like this is the year we all want clarity, stability, and we want to go from surviving to thriving!”

Victoria Cota


“Thankful I found Mandy to set me on the right track, I have been loving working through the workbook! I feel so much more in control of my business.”

Jacilyn Jenkins


“I'm super excited and thankful for this time we had today ❤️ I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds and am happy that you’re doing this with me, I feel really blessed.”

Stefanie Fuenmayor


“My mind is still exploding. Thank you again for all your feedback.❤️”

Kim Nguyen